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Find Stability and Balance with Melanite Wellness

Feeling confused and unsure of which way to turn?

Maybe you've come because of a loved one or perhaps for yourself. Whatever brought you here, I applaud you in taking the first step! You are not alone in this. I know it may have been difficult to make this decision, but I'm glad you're here.

You are not alone. Therapy is a collaborative effort. We are now a team.

And if you let me, I would be honored to walk side by side with you in your journey. Together, we will work to address any underline concerns that may be triggering you relating to any forms of trauma, grief, addiction, anxiety and depression, or any major life changes. 

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Young Couple Expecting
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Working from Home


Since working with Melanite Wellness, I’ve developed a larger sense of awareness of myself and my relationships. I’m now on my way to inner peace after years of trauma & hardship. I’m learning the tools I need with their help.

~Active Therapy Client


Individual, Couples and Family Therapy

DOT SAP Program

Immigration Evaluations

Group Counseling Support

In Person and Online Therapy

Free Phone Consultation

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