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Personalized Care and Guidance

Individual Therapy

We are all fighting a battle while trying to "keep it together" for our kids, partner or family.

You deserve someone in your corner too.

Our office focus anxiety, depression, trauma, life transitions and various women issues

We draw from the following modalities

*EMDR, CBT, Solution Focus, PSI Trained and DBT

Family Therapy

Recently married? Are you a new mom or perhaps trying to decipher the unspoken words of your preteen or teenager? Are you a blended family and need some guidance in navigating this unfamiliar territory?

Together, we’ll work to solve current concerns and improve positive thinking and behavior while increasing healthy communication skills. We will work together to assist in applying valuable tools to cope with life’s obstacles. 

We understand how important your family is to you, so they are important to us too!

Working with ages 13 and up

Couples Therapy

Trouble communicating and feeling disconnected from your partner?  Has life transition impacted how you once viewed each other? We specialize in intimate matters such as infidelity and infertility. We can provide additional support for those undergoing IVF/IUI and other reproductive treatments.

DOT SAP Evaluations

We provide the most affordable and comprehensive level of intervention services for DOT/Non-DOT employees in safety-sensitive positions for return to duty

Immigration Evaluations

Specializing in immigration evaluations, I offer comprehensive assessments tailored to VAWA, U and T Visas, Extreme Hardship, and Asylum cases

Holistic Services

We provide a holistic approach with the understanding that you are not your mental health needs. We work to understand your physical, emotional, social and spiritual wellbeing.

I  am certified in the five-point NADA protocol as a Auricular Detox Specialist to apply auricular acupuncture and acupressure as an adjunctive treatment to the ongoing individual therapy.

Interested in learning more about the services offered? Get in touch today to set up an initial consultation.

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